Brief Bio

Brief Bio

Marg Hutton
Born: 1951, Melbourne, Australia
Interests: History, Politics, Current Affairs, Music, opportunities for collaborative research & writing…

I have been online since 1995. Back in those days I used a 14.4k modem & Telix to access the internet and Lynx to browse the web.

I have a long standing interest in how the internet can be used as a tool for political activism.

In 1996 I created Leftlink, a moderated mailing list for the Australian Broad Left which I ran until 1998. Leftlink continued on for many years after I left with Alister Air at the helm.

In 2002 I set up, a website concerning the sinking of an Indonesian fishing boat en-route to Christmas Island and the subsequent drowning of 353 Iraqi asylum seekers that occurred in October 2001. There are many unanswered questions that still reverberate around the sinking of SIEVX and my archival website remains online as a tool for ongoing research.